Powered Cooler Stand

Elevating the Powered Cooler

Start your modular build with Coastal Mountain Vanworks’ powered cooler stand that raises your chest-style fridge off the ground making it more convenient to access. Our fridge stand comes with a large drawer below the cooler platform, providing ample storage for food and supplies. You can use the powered cooler stand by itself or in combination with one of our camper van kitchen galleys. Additionally, by adding the Lagun leg system hardware along with one of our table tops, you have a free-standing countertop ready to prep your food. The Lagun table hardware swivels and can be adjusted in height allowing you to position your table at a counter height, or simply lower the Lagun leg to a sitting position and enjoy your meal. You can order the powered cooler stand as a separate stand or as an all-inclusive item (with stand, Lagun leg hardware, and tabletop). 

We have specifically sized the fridge stand for two of the most popular brands of powered coolers; the Dometic CFX 45 and the ARB Series II 50 QT fridge (other powered and non-powered cooler sizes may fit).

28.5″w x 19.5″d x 16.5″ h
Built to order
Lead time: 4-6 weeks

Fridge stand with drawer and the Dometic CFX 45 powered cooler.
Fridge Stand with Lagun table
Shown with the optional Lagun leg system and tabletop
Fridge Stand and Lagun Tabletop in the seating position
The fridge stand in the van as a mini galley with the table set at seat height.
Fridge Stand with 4 Drawer Three85 galley together
Installed with the 4 Drawer Galley


  • Easily bolts into Adventure Wagon’s interior wall L track and/or Smart Floor system (L track hardware not included)
  • Built with extruded aluminum framework, bamboo and/or colorful laminate overlayed on Eurolight ply (exterior glue)
  • Choose silver or black aluminum framing
  • Choose from five laminate colors
  • 26”w x 15”d x 6.5”h drawer
  • Compatible with Sprinter, Transit, Promaster vans
  • Can be positioned on the driver or passenger side
  • Comes with 2-3 brackets to bolt to your van and 2 straps to secure the powered-cooler

* Powered cooler not included

Powered Cooler Stand Price:


Options (add to above) :

  1. Add Lagun Leg System Hardware :  
    • Double handle leg with standard bracket – $235
  2. Add a Table Top (3/4”thk x 17 ½”w x 26”L) :  
    • Bamboo top finished in Conversion Varnish – $275
    • Laminate table top to match side panels – $195 

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