Lagun Leg System Tabletops

Coastal Mountain Vanworks offers two materials for our tabletops for Lagun leg system. One is ¾” thick vertical grain Amber or Natural colored Bamboo. Bamboo is often used when combining a Fridge Stand with a galley that has the same bamboo countertop. The other option is our colorful laminate tops that match the drawer fronts or side panels of your build. The Eurolight ply that Coastal Mountain Vanworks uses for the laminated table tops is a light weight exterior glued product with an exposed edge finished in a polyurethane oil. Our tabletops are sized to provide plenty of table room without restricting your van space.

¾” thk x 17 ½”w x 26”L
Built to order
Lead time: 2-3 weeks

Bamboo tabletop on Lagun leg system
Tabletops made with colorful laminate and bamboo
Tabletops made with bamboo and colorful laminate
Orange tabletop for Lagun leg system shown setup on Fridge Stand combined with a 4 Drawer Three85 galley
Shown setup on Fridge Stand
Fridge Stand and Lagun Tabletop in the seating position
Lagun table lowered to seating position

Tabletop Features

  • ¾” thk x 17 ½”w x 26”L
  • Rounded corners
  • Laminate overlayed on lightweight Eurolight ply
  • 5 standard laminate and 2 bamboo colors

Tabletop Price:


  1. ¾” thick amber or natural colored bamboo – $275
  2. ¾” colored laminate overlay top – $195

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